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Spacer Screws

Spacer Screws

  • Material:C1022, C1006
  • Coating: Zinc, Kaitex Coating
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Dimensions (dXL) mm
  M6 X 60   M6 X 100/45                                                                                  
 M6 X 80  M6 X 120/45        
M6 X 100 M6 X 150/45        
M6 X 120 M6 X 180/45        
M6 X 150          
M6 X 180          
M6 X 200          
M6 X 250          
M6 X 300          


    Installation diagram           


‧Thread section canbe insert into a base member, a head section which can be introduced into structural member and has a thread and a shank section arranged in between.