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Sheh fung Screws Co., Ltd. Established with a total number of ten employees and annual company turnover of approximately NT$1 million.


The company received an order worth US$3 million and delivered the product within six months. It was also during this year that the company established a network of satellite plants in southern and northern Taiwan.


She Win International Co., Ltd. was created as a trading company to facilitate Sheh fung’s business expansion and work with Sheh fung’s manufacturing system.


Sheh fung helped China Steel develop C1018 line material to facilitate the production of drywall screws and tapping screws. To improve the overall quality of its screws, the company introduced a Japanese-made continuous heat treatment system worth NT$1,200 to replace the traditional cylinder heat treatment.


The “S” mark was devised to strengthen clients’ confidence in the quality of our products and after-sale service.


An advanced black phosphate surface treatment introduced to distinguish our products from others in the market, which used traditional gray phosphate surface treatment. This enhances the added value of our products. Sheh fung successfully developed machineries and facilities for the production self-drilling screws, which brought world recognition to Taiwan’s screw industry.


The construction of Kaohsiung Plant was completed and put into operation. With the automatic facilities, capacity was greatly expanded. The plant was granted the Yi-Grade plant qualification by the Business Inspection Bureau with a grade of 74 points.


The introduction of the Japanese “RUSPERT” techniques helped Sheh fung to make a breakthrough in the 48-hour limitation of the surface treatment phosphate test, prolonging duration to as long as 500 hours. In the acid rain test, 15 cycles were observed. To better control the quality of “RUSPERT,” the company introduced a Japanese-made acid rain testing machine for quality inspections. Sheh fung became the only screw manufacturer in Taiwan to have such highly advanced facilities. In the same year, Sheh fung’s annual turnover climbed to over NT$500 million and the company was ranked, for the first time, one of Taiwan’s top 1,000 enterprises.


Sheh fung filed its application to Corporate Synergy Development Center for guidance in the ISO 9002 QA system.


Sheh fung successfully developed “hybrid screws,” which use stainless steel and low-carbon steel thereby negating the disadvantages of white iron screws and ordinary tapping screws. After passing strict inspections by HILTI (an ISO 9001-accredited firm in Switzerland), Sheh fung became HILTI’s main supplier.


Sheh fung’s application to the Metal Industries R&D Center for guidance in an “industrial technology upgrading scheme” was approved by the Industrial Development Bureau. The company’s annual turnover peaked to NT$600 million and the company was ranked as Taiwan’s 707th largest enterprise inCommon Wealth magazine’s top thousand chart.



Sheh fung unveiled its invention, the automatic screw feeder “ACE VERTER,” which was patented in Taiwan, US, and Europe. In July, the company passed the evaluation of the Bureau of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine (BCIQ) and gained ISO 9002 certification.


The construction of Sheh fung Building and plant begins.


The construction of Sheh fung Building and plant is completed.


The success of Sheh fung’s third generation surface plating technology—TUFCOT .E—enhanced the screw surface’s rust resistance so that the screws could passed a 2000hr salt spray test and a 25-cycle Kesternich test. The plating process was operated in a confined space and used a low-concentration (1.5%) coating material. The rate of coating material used reached 99%.


Application with Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) for national laboratory accreditation approved, thus improving the trustworthiness of company’s quality assurance system.


Established the Scholarship for Students from Impoverished Families through the Sheh Fung Benevolent Foundation.


Taiwan Golden Exporter Award.


Established the Sheh Fung Good Deed and Wisdom Charity Foundation. Joined the Innovation Incubation Center at National University of Kaohsiung.
Develop chromium-free manufacturing and coating technologies. Revenues passed the $2 billion mark for the first time.


QC-080000 green production certification.
10th Taiwan Rising Star Award.


17th National award of outstanding small and medium enterprises.
ISO 14001:2004 certificated in 2008.


Our new 200,000 sq.ft. factory opening in 2016 !


Traded over the counter as publicly-held company.


Lab approved by A2LA Institution.